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Daria Kolosova

It may be surprising, but I was born beyond the Polar Circle, in the harsh Arctic climate of Yakutia under the real northern lights.
The Eskimos call this phenomenon "The Call of the North Star", the Finns say "Fox Fires", and the Chinese are sure that a child born under the Northern Lights will be talented.


And so it happened!
Now my paintings are a part of private collections in virtually all countries of the world! Paintings on real copper have become my calling card, since my team and I did a thorough research on copper sheets and developed a unique copper canvas and its coating. The production technology of "copper ingots" is kept secret.


My style is pop-realism or "VIP pop ar" for those who want a bright popular image
in an elite presentation.


Dazzlingly bold and chic, they are written for those who look for depth, meaning,
something more than just Pop-Art.

דריה ידועה ביצירותיה על נחושת, והן אף הפכו להיות כרטיס הביקור שלה. דריה והצוות שלה חקרו ופיתחו טכנולוגיה של יצירת קנבס העשוי מנחושת.

סגנונה הוא פופ ריאליסטי או "Vip Pop Art" למי שרוצה תמונה בוהקת בתצוגת עלית, נועזת ושיקית, ומי שמחפש עומק ומשמעות נוספת מעבר לסתם Pop-Art.

"Scrooge with Bitcoin"
115X150 cm
Price: 13,500 €
"Peaky Duck"
126X94 cm
Price: 11,300 €
"Mona Duck"
64X94 cm
72X94 cm
Price: 9,200 €
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